Tebow 2013

A Tebow fan since that jump pass vs LSU, I was happy to hear that Tim Football may have a legitimate NFL shot with the Jaguars next season. Initially disappointed by David Caldwell’s smugness regarding the probability of a Tebow return to the Sunshine State — in the grand scheme of things, Tebow can’t help Cowtown. Nobody can. Not even Khan’s deep pockets, as Dan Snyder found out years ago in DC (yes, the same regime who’s poor judgement is responsible for the maiming of RG3 this season). For those of you that have never smelled the fresh Cowford air, it’s called shit town for a reason. Tom Coughlin surely looks back in thankfulness at his departure, Tebow will do the same, although he never arrived.

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Jeremy Lin channels his inner Jimmer

Jeremy Lin Inner JimmerIf there’s one chink in Jeremy Lin’s armor it would be his assist to turn-over ratio. Just kidding folks, why should ESPN get all the controversy, we need the publicity too! My dream is that someday, someone may actually read this blog. Anyhow, back to basketball, what a heck of a game yesterday afternoon. Two weeks ago you’d never even fathom saying that about a Knicks game! With 28 points Sunday afternoon, against a Mavs team not known for it’s defense, Lin got the public stage to channel his inner Jimmer — and boy did Jeremy respond! If there is a clutch gene, he’s got it, rattling in a couple key 3-pointers down the stretch run. All that was missing was Marv Albert bellowing, “Lin, with the dagger!”.

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Douchebag of the year – John Elway!

Elway DouchePopular among Tebow haters on ESPN and other so-called sports networks such as FOX, CBS and NBC – is talk of John Elway being one of the “greatest quarterbacks of all time”. For those of you young enough not to recall the Bronco’s heyday, don’t let them pull the wool over your eyes. Yes, there was a golden boy, and his name was John Elway. But Golden Boy never won a Super Bowl and was choke city for the most part. Elway was destined to become your typical highly touted #1 draft day disappointment. Until that great day, the day the Broncos drafted Terrell Davis from virtual obscurity in the sixth round of the 1995 draft. In case you don’t know the rest, Elway finally won a Superbowl, and now believes he’s a great GM.

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Tebow – All he does is win!

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Addazio Must Go!

Addazio Must Go Just when you thought Ron Zook was the biggest cretin to ever walk the Gator’s sideline, in two short seasons Steve “Carl” Addazio has taken the Gator’s high-powered offensive and reduced it to the laughing stock of the SEC. Never have I seen such gross incompetence since Houston Nutt managed four SEC losses, and a drubbing in the Cotton Bowl at the hands of Missouri. All this with both Felix Jones and Darren McFadden in the same backfield. Nor is the current Gator’s squad lacking in talent as well. Carl just can’t seem to find a way to get speedsters Demps and Dubose the ball. Their top-flight receiver, Carl Moore, only touches the ball on third downs. The key to Addazio’s inane offensive play-calling is this, “The running quarterbacks run, the passing quarterbacks pass”.  So opposing defenses can just “pin their ears back” and rush Brantley, or simply fill the box and stuff Burton. What happened to the Gator’s high-powered West Coast style offense? Well it vanished around the same time former offensive coordinator Dan Mullen accepted the head-coaching job at Mississippi State. Coincidence, I think not. This is not saying Addazio doesn’t have a place in football. His best option would be to follow former Gator lackey Ron Zook’s path to a mid-level Big 10 team. Addazio is definitely Big 10 material. But as far as bigtime SEC football, he’s simply out of his league. For the sake of Gator Nation and College Football, Addazio must go!

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